TOL Brands is an innovative exporting, brand development company established in 2015. We design the brand, source the liquid, create the product and manage the sales and distribution for the products.


Managing the whole value chain is our specialty. We operate in wine, craft beer, cider and spirits segments and have a proven track record for successful business cases in global markets.

We work together with the producers, distributors and retailers to find the perfect solutions to meet the consumers’ needs in different markets. We are specialized in the Nordic monopoly markets, Russia and European markets.


Our values are trustworthiness and transparent co-operation together with our partners. We think big but act humble to deliver our promises and business plans. Our customers and profitability are in core of everything we do.


TOL Brands is part of Captol Group. Captol Invest is a Finnish owned corporation specializing in import and sales of premium international beverages in Finland, Sweden and Baltic states, Horeca-trade, real-estate investments and craft brewing.

Our business is making yours shine.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and capable partner to help you succeed in premium alcohol beverage markets please don't hesitate to contact us.

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